• ASBESAN has

    • To act in compliance with our company principles and corporate identity to document and constantly improve our company structure so that our Quality Assurance System fulfils the ISO 9001 requirements,
    • Being a reliable and popular company that understands the needs and expectations of its customers in all processes 
    • To closely follow and apply the technological developments to reduce costs and increase profitability,
    • To build quality mindset in the organization,
    • Being a trust-based cooperation with suppliers,
    • Serve abroad as an international value by increasing the value of our brand,
    • From the beginning to complete the project, fully compliant with high-level techniques, the required qualifications and budget limits,
    • For Asbestos Awareness by making efforts, subscribe to protection of public health,

    defined as Quality Policy.



  • Increase Client Satisfaction

    Achieving best in class tehnical solutions

    Continuous Improvement in the Work Enviroment

    Increase Efficiency of development processes


With the advantage of being a group company, it can transfer the knowledge and knowledge of the architectural and construction companies in the group to the projects they are working on. In the international sense, we must follow closely the studies of the world as a whole at the basis of our studies which take us one step forward, continuously supporting our expertise with our domestic and international activities.